July 14

The Advertising Industry: From Alchemists to Distributors and Back Again

Over the past decade, unlike IT, the global advertising industry has completely undermined its own existence and fumbled a major opportunity to transform itself and so become one of the fastest-growing and most important industries in the world.

May 27
Interview part 3.

Miša Lukić: Business design will soon represent for business what architecture represents in the construction industry.

May 26
Interview part 2.

Miša Lukić: Business Sapiens has, in practice, proved a superior business model.

May 25
Interview part 1.

Miša Lukić: Business Design is the most effective and innovative way of tackling highly complex business problems.

Dec 9

Samuel Associates and New Startegy Sign Partnership Agreement

Samuel Associates and New Startegy are pleased to announce a partnership for cooperation in the Canadian and the European commercial markets.