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01 / 09
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Periphery Forces Are the New Central Forces

The edges of change beyond your business are central to what you need to pay attention to now.

Business Sapiens™Human SystemThinking

Business Sapiens Model is about shifting the conversation from what’s broken to what’s possible, through the capacity to see and understand every aspect of a business, in relation to all its stakeholders, simultaneously.

Business Sapiens Model recognizes that business as a human social construction has four dimensions physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

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    It enables deep understanding of key elements of the business in a way that creates new insights.

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    It provides a formula for business sustainability that strategically unifies all stakeholders and brings success for all.

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    It is a new compass for business decision-making.

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    It creates a mechanism for continuous business innovation.


Business Sapiens WOW Generator is a structured tool that makes it possible for anyone to create the next super-innovative company.

It does this by making rapid, relevant, repeatable and disruptive business model innovation in every aspect of the business in an organized, structured and comprehensive process. It is a structure that can unlock organizational creativity in the pursuit of transformational growth.