Milos Perovic

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Milos Perovic is an inspirational leader who knows how to recognize the opportunities that run through an organization, takes its business vision, and makes it a reality through complete strategy development and execution.

In his previous job as the operational director and co-owner of the company Termovent, together with his brother, Milos inherited the managing position from his father, thus becoming a second-generation leader of the company. In addition to the operational management of the company, Milos was responsible for reorganization and repositioning Termovent in foreign markets. His entrepreneurial ventures, that helped Termovent to become a robust company and leader in its industry, were crowned by the acquisition of the company by the leading Swiss corporation - Arbonia Group.

In 2015, Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) members recognized Milos as the "Young Manager of the year 2015" for his outstanding results and innovative business approach.

Leading highly demanding projects in more than 20 countries worldwide with a lot of different people and nationalities, Milos wider perspective of leading businesses and people is described in the three most important things for him:

  • Quality must never suffer.
  • Make a decision, even if it is the wrong one.
  • Always create the win-win partnership.

Member of the Management Board of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM).